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46009 Valencia - Spain
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Design & DTP
Tr92 offers DeskTop Publishing and Design capabilities for the more specialized documentation producer.

Digital printing has opened a new avenue of opportunities, as companies are able to order fully finished ready-to-print files which they can send to digital printers locally.

PDF is our most popular format. It is versatile and guarantees a very good printing quality, with final documents looking exactly the same as you intended. Our clients receive final proofed PDF files which are able to be turned into printed material at their location within hours.
This service has proved very popular when producing/localizating documents remotely in specialist software packages: Tr92 has been in charge of translating and desktop publishing documents and manuals which consequently have been printed in other sites in Spain or abroad.

Tr92 banks on years of experience in design and printing, ensuring you perfect results in each language.

We work in the following packages:
- QuarkXpress
- PageMaker
- FrameMaker
- Photoshop
- FreeHand
- Illustrator
- Dreamweaver
- GoLive

As well as the industry standards such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

The philosophy of Tr92 is co-operative. We offer the advantages of a good and historic European location with a deep knowledge of the latest technology in translation.

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